Let’s Revel in it all!

I’m utterly committed to documenting delight.

Because, these are the moments. The anticipation of a new life together. The whispers that make you giggle. The hand clasps that make your heart beat faster. I call these the flickers in between. These are the moments I document, the couples I love to photograph, and the weddings I will always find magical. Your wedding day is the most important day of your life – lose yourself in delight and revel in the brightest beginning!

The best part of your wedding should be LIVING it! Soak it all up because it doesn’t last very long! And that is my favorite part about being a wedding photographer – making your day last forever. Taking all of the special looks, moments, and details and creating a way to endlessly relive the best day of your life.


slices of wedding cake eaten 70
years documenting love 6
confetti pieces found in hair 243
obsessed with my job 100 %